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LogiExport vs. Qlik NPrinting: Two exporting data methods compared

LogiExport vs. Qlik NPrinting: Two exporting data methods compared


Exporting data from the QlikSense apps and dashboards is a daily task of many who want to distribute the information to decision-makers and stakeholders.

Today we will compare the LogiExport QlikSense extension to Qlik NPrinting and see the differences between both.


LogiExport and Qlik Nprinting overview


Qlik NPrinting is a reporting platform that lets you create reports using your QlikView and Qlik Sense data, and then distribute them automatically in a range of standard formats.

LogiExport is a QlikSense extension developed to automate the process of exporting data from QlikSense to an Xlsx format while keeping the presets, context and design of the data.


What are the differences between LogiExport and Qlik Nprinting OnDemand?


LogiExport focuses solely on generating beautiful excel files out of your Qlik dashboards in the simplest way. 

NPrinting is a large and complicated product focused on distribution. that has a side functionality of On Demand report generation. 


Key differences:


bellow are the key differences between LogiExport and Qlik Nprinting OnDemand


Simplicity of use

That affects any aspect of the solution. for example in case you want to configure an export button to a table with its formatting and current selections:  

In LogiExport you can do it in only 3 clicks in the Sheet “Edit” mode, while in NPrinting you will go through a long process of creating a connection, app, report, edit in the designer, configure the button, and so on. 



Another aspect is the Infrastructure, while NPrinting requires dedicated hardware, five different Installations (Server, Engine, Designer, Extension, Microsoft Excel), and a long configuration process, LogiExport is a serverless Extensions with no server or client components, once you import the extension zip file, you are ready to go. 



LogiExport is also Platform and Device-independent supports any OS and any spreadsheet Editor/Viewer. 

The fact that it is so easy to works with enables Power Users to use the LogiExport as well, no need for a developer to get a beautiful Excel. 

Having that said, it can go much further in the hands of a developer.


Macro-like feature

LogiExport has a Macro-like feature, that allows the developer to easily create any adjustments to the file, and LogiExport will still generate a standard Xlsx file. 



LogiExport has also lots of functionality that are not available in NPrinting, like the support of Conditional Columns, Extended Pivot tables, Export the original formatting and customizes it, and much more. 


These many beneficial aspects are perfect exporting solution for the QlikSense system. the simplicity of use, customization, and great functionality offered by LogiExport makes it the preferred tool for hundreds of decision-makers around the world to create reliable, tastefully designed Excel reports