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Top 6 FAQs of LogiExport

Most common Questions asked about LogiExport, an Extension Designed to Export Data from QlikSense to Xlsx Files


We recognize the need to export data from QlikSense to Excel as an essential part of the daily work method of many. Managers want to distribute daily, sometimes hourly, data from the QS to decision-makers and stakeholders. Even though some alternative tools and software can help disseminate information, the preferred means of distribution remains and will be Microsoft Excel, as it is easy to use, enables adding formulas in the end file, and particularly because it is the most common analysis tool among analysts and managers.


Qlik’s bridge

In fact, the current data export from QS to Xlsx ends in a raw Excel file. The data is being extracted while losing its template, context, variables, and design set by the user. Quite a bit of manual work is required on the exported Xlsx file. This includes interpretation and arrangement of the data. Such work, especially done in a short time, is prone to human error that can be fatal in the world of calculations and predictions.


LogiExport: The ultimate Tool for exporting data

LogiExport is the ultimate solution when your workflow relies on data distribution through Excel. LogiExport was developed to bridge the gap between QlikSense and Excel. Developed by the Logiacl BI team in Israel, this extension arose out of hundreds of customer reviews. Following decades of BI solution development, it truly meets the needs of BI end users and resolves their pain points.

Integrating LogiExport into your dashboard or app is quick and simple. After installing the Logi button in the grid you can easily launch LogiExporting in any area and level with any model or filter.

Start LogiExporting!

Below are the most frequently asked questions about LogiExport and its ability to improve the productivity of your work on QlikSense.




Q: What is LogiExport?

LogiExport is a brilliant QlikSense extension that can be easily installed on any QlikSense environment. It allows you to export various elements from your apps to a formatted Excel file that is ready for distribution or printing.

The extension was developed in light of the requests of many users who greatly needed such functionality to increase the value gained from QlikSense.


Q: How can LogiExport help us?

If you regularly use QlikSense to export data to Excel, process the data, or reformat the outputs on Excel, LogiExport is the perfect tool for you. LogiExport will add significant value to your workflow, free up a lot of working time, prevent human errors and improve the clarity of the reports distributed to decision-makers inside or outside your organization.


Q: What are the advantages of LogiExport over the Built-in QlikSense exportability?

The built-in QlikSense export feature allows you to export pivot tables or other visual objects as basic data tables, but does not enable you to set the visibility and format of the output. This forces you to spend some precious time manually editing the Excel exported file. Editing the display format, creating titles, adding explanations and descriptions such as selection context and more.

LogiExport spares you all the manual work. You preset once how the designated Excel file needs to be produced, and from there on every Excel file will be downloaded in the required format, in one click of a single button.


Q: When should we use LogiExport?

LogiExport can help whenever you decide that downloading the information to Excel is the most effective way to analyze the data or distribute it to others.

Here are some examples:

  1. Downloading status reports for distribution in the organization, such as daily operating reports for a factory, including an overview of the current indices.
  2. Automatic issuance of financial reports that contain more than one chart – e.g. a financial report that includes P&L, trial balance, balance sheet, and more.
  3. Automatic issuance of analytical management charts for board meetings.
  4. Production of data on-demand for your customers.


Q: What are the main features of LogiExport extension?

Here are the main features LogiExport has to offer:

  • Keep the displayed formatting
  • Use template files
  • Export the Selections.
  • Customize everything: headers, colors, fonts, borders, links, captions, columns width, freeze panes, hide or delete columns, add totals row, etc..
  • Single click export
  • Simple extension installation.
  • Cross-platform, pure JS.
  • Export master Items directly.
  • Macro-like API for unique export needs.


Q: What are the differences between Free and Pro versions?

LogiExport Free version supports:

  • 2 Users
  • 1000 Rows
  • No Templates
  • Open API

LogiExport Pro version supports:

  • Multiple Users
  • Unlimited Rows
  • Templates And Presets
  • Open API